Praia Verde

Afstand: 22.1 KM
Praia Verde literally means 'Green Beach', the name refers to the forest with pine trees where this beach begins. Upon arrival at this beach you have a really amazing view over the sea. The parking lot is slightly higher than the beach and via a wooden path you walk through... Read more


Afstand: 11.8 KM
The beach of Cabanas encircles the entire island of Ilha de Cabanas. This runs from the most easterly point just before Fabrica up to Tavira in the west, where the local population from Tavira arrives by boat. The beach used to have a tuna factory, but this has been flooded by... Read more

Santa Luzia – “Terra Estreita”

Afstand: 6.4 KM
The more or less undiscovered beach of Santa Luzia is called Terra Estreita, a beautiful long sandy beach with a relaxed atmosphere. The boat departs from Santa Luzia regularly to this beach. There is a beach bar where you can get something to drink (the food is unfortunately limited), with informal... Read more

Fuzeta beach

Afstand: 9.3 KM
Fuzeta actually has two beaches that you can choose from. First there is the beach on the lagoon, which remains protected against the waves and is therefore very safe. A great place for children to play and swim there. The lagoon is also a paradise for the SUP sporters (Stand... Read more

Praia do Cabeço

Afstand: 22.8 KM
This beach is more or less hidden and you have to know the way through the wooded area to get to the beach. It is definitely worth a visit. It is the next beach from Praia Verde in the direction of Spain. There is a fantastic restaurant called Sem Espinhas. Delicious... Read more

Ilha de Tavira

Afstand: 8.3 KM
The beautiful long and child-friendly beach of Ilha de Tavira is reached by a 5-10 minute long boat trip across the river. The boat trip itself is already a pleasure, especially for children. The old fishing boat sails through the river and a piece of nature reserve. The boat goes back... Read more

Praia de Barril

Afstand: 5.8 KM
This beach is the nearest beach - only a 5-10 minute drive from Casa Verdazul. This beach also has the Blue Flag status and is clean and child-friendly. From the parking lot you can walk approximately 1 km to the beach through the nature reserve Ria Formosa. Or you take... Read more