Seville, the city that many people call the most beautiful city in Spain, is only one and a half hours drive from Casa Verdazul, Almost everyone who visits Seville becomes enchanted by the charm and beauty of this city. The Arab influences, the old town, the warmth and the narrow streets of the old neighbourhoods will certainly impress you when you visit Seville.

Relaxed atmosphere

Seville is not only a great city because of its sights, atmosphere and climate. Good food and drinks are an important aspect in daily life. In the small narrow streets, you just about stumble over the tapas bars; small, cosy bars where you can enjoy the local snacks (tapas) and a good glass of wine or beer for a modest price. Sherry is also a popular drink in Seville.

You can easily reserve the whole day to go shopping in Seville. Seville has quite a lot of shopping streets and little shops, and fortunately quite a lot of them are still run by local entrepreneurs. Of course you will also find the big chains here, as you see in every western city. However, in Seville, there is still plenty local assortment on offer by independent shopkeepers to browse. The busiest moment to shop is after the siesta. You will see that especially between 17 and 19 hours the shopping streets of Seville can be very crowded.

Particularly, fashion, shoes and leather accessories are in abundance. You will also see more and more design in the stores in the form of home furnishings, kitchen items and home accessories. Typical local products you buy in Seville are ceramics (azulejos), Flamenco dresses and shoes, and of course Spanish fans which help cool you off on hot days. Visit also the better delicatessen stores in Seville where you can buy local products of often very high quality such as Iberian hams, cheese, olive oil, wine, orange wine and sherry. Also check out local markets such as the Marcado de Triana, for delicacies.