Visitors to Zoomarine can attend shows of dolphins, seals and sea lions. Also the shows with the tropical birds and birds of prey are absolutely worth it.

The dolphin show displays the incredible speed and agility of these amazing animals. The trainers have built up an intimate relationship with the animals and they put on a spectacular show together. Fun for all ages! There is even an opportunity to swim with dolphins.

The seals and sea lion show have a pirate theme and it is great to see how the trainers deal with these animals. Good choreography and entertainment.

The tropical birds also put on a great show. Macaws, cockatoos and parrots work hard demonstrating their beautiful colours and ear deafening noises. The main purpose of the show is to create awareness of the environment and the need to protect habitats and species, with emphasis on the rain forests.

The spectacular falconry show displays the fastest species in nature. An extraordinary show where hawks, eagles and owls demonstrate their powerful and fast flights. Beautiful moments and emotions.

There are plenty of other attractions that the kids will love. An amusement park with various fun rides as well as swimming pools and water slides provide a day full of entertainment.